Leadership TKO Network | How to Become a TKO Consultant
Leadership TKO provides leadership training, leadership keynote speeches, and the like for businesses, ministries, and schools.
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How to Become TKO Consultant

Potential consultants must follow these steps to become a T.K.O. Consultant:

  • Complete the online application
  • Complete the follow up interview with a senior leader
  • If the individual pre-qualify’s, he or she completes the final step of submitting the initial $250 deposit or the entire $997 investment.
  • The consultant trainee receives orientation and entrance into the FB support group
  • The consultant trainee joins in on completing the training modules (live or recordings).
  • At the conclusion of the 5 module training, the trainee completes a mock initial session.
  • Upon passing the session, the trainee receives their official digital welcome letter while waiting for the official letter and certificate to arrive in the U.S. mail. These items should arrive within 14 days of completing the mock session. If the trainee does not pass the mock session the first time, a second session will be scheduled. All trainees have passed the second time around if they struggled the first time. Good preparation is given to ensure the trainee is ready for the mock session.
  • Official consultants will receive their own T.K.O. consultant page and email address.
  • Note: Consultants will have the option of an second tier specialization (i.e. women entrepreneurs; women in corporate, students, new graduates, etc…).

Contact a representative inquire about becoming a consultant! Email them at consulting@leadershiptko.com .