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Leadership T.K.O.: 3 Strategies to Becoming a Victorious Productive Leader

John Maxwell says that an organization can only be successful based on people's ability to lead.

Organizations fail for many reasons. However, the most common reasons include lack of man power (few team members), low to no strong leaders willing to work, poor leadership morale and members maintaining low performance in their departments. However, senior management and leaders can avoid this concern and achieve your company’s goals by hiring Lakeisha to speak on “Leadership T.K.O.

Lakeisha has coached many CEOs and entrepreneurs throughout the world and found that senior leaders have failed their workers by not truly investing in their professional development from the perspective of his or her workers. The saying is true in all industries “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 

Show your workers that you care by delivering a “Leadership T.K.O.” within your company.

In “Leadership T.K.O.,” Leadership Speaker Lakeisha McKnight partners with company’s of all sizes to build strong leaders. This talk can be customized to empower men and women within nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, associations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies and small businesses. 

After listening to this message all of your leaders will away with a desire to want to TAKE ACTION to see tangible results.

More specifically, Lakeisha will help your leaders:

  • Learn 3 profound principles that builds great leaders that want to stick around*,
  • Discover their leadership strength that can grow your organization**, and
  • Understand how to conquer any personal or professional obstacle that arises***.

*Principles that Lakeisha has gleaned throughout her experience in the corporate world and business.
**Accomplished through questions Lakeisha sprinkles throughout her message.
***Obtained through Lakeisha’s analogy of the boxing sport.

After hearing this message, your leaders will be able to confidently say….


 Invite Lakeisha to your next conference, retreat, or training event to help your leaders obtain their first/next Leadership T.K.O.!