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Leadership TKO provides leadership training, leadership keynote speeches, and the like for businesses, ministries, and schools.
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Leadership T.K.O. Consultancy

The consultancy is a group of highly competent women who provide expert advice to executives and corporate leaders on leadership development.

What Makes T.K.O. Consultants Unique:

  • T.K.O. Consultants can make an average annual revenue of $55,000 and up.
  • All consultants receive training and a certificate to mark their completion.
  • All consultants have the opportunity to receive annual training to stay aware of the latest trends in the consulting world. 
  • All consultants help their clients obtain individualized solutions to address all clients concerns
  • Consultants have the option of using eclectic strategies to engage the client to strength the consultant-client relationship
  • T.K.O. consultants implement a unique follow-up system to display the consultancy’s desire to to put the clients needs first.

T.K.O. Consultants Simple Process Flow

As an executive begins working with a leadership consultant, an assessment interview occurs. During the interview, the consultant looks for leadership traits such as emotional stability, enthusiasm, tough-mindedness and conscientiousness. The interviewer might uncover unknown strengths, or he might discover weaknesses that make it more difficult for the executive to communicate and work effectively with his team. The leadership consultant might also use established leadership personality assessment tools, such a Myers Briggs test, to identify the executive’s strengths and weaknesses.

After the initial assessment concludes, the leadership consultant debriefs the executive by listing the executive’s strengths and weaknesses as determined in the interview and through any tests. During the debriefing, the consultant continues to monitor the executive’s reaction to the assessment by noting any signs of denial, defensiveness or embellishment. He also points out the executive’s reactions, both positive and negative, as part of the debriefing process.

As the executive and the consultant agree on ways for the executive to improve his leadership performance, they establish an action plan together. This includes real-life situations where the executive can practice new skills he learns through the consultant. Each step of the action plan should have a clear method of assessing the success or failure of the activity. While putting the action plan in motion, the leadership consultant and executive meet frequently to assess the executive’s progress. They alter the plan, as necessary, to help the executive meet his goals.

After the consultant and executive have used the plan for the specified amount of time, they meet for a final assessment. At that time the consultant reviews how well the executive has performed and how he has worked to meet his goals. The pair might agree to continue strengthening the executive’s leadership skills or to focus on building additional skills. Alternatively, they might opt to let the executive work on his own for a designated length of time before assessing the need for more coaching from the consultant.

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